The story

Tiny Cosmo is a friendly and adventurous little planet in a big universe. One day Tiny Cosmo got hit by a meteor and lost all their friends. Dogs, cats, humans, foxes and bunnies are now spread all over this endless universe. Tiny Cosmo don’t want to be alone. You have one mission, to find their friends and make them safe again.

However, there is more than cuddly animals and cute humans floating around in space, you have to watch out for the dangers lurking in the shadows.

The game

Tiny Cosmo is an arcade space action game with many features that you as a player will love.

  • Interactive controls: tilt your phone to steer
  • Never-ending series of dangers: Dodge dangerous black holes with gravity, trick menacing aliens
  • Help your friends that are lost in space and earn a spot on the weekly, monthly or an all time leaderboard
  • Personalise and customize your gaming experience by changing skins
  • Learn cool fun facts about space
Mockup of the game in iPhone

About us


Sofia Ellegren


Linnea Berggren


Michael Rehn

Hi there, Tiny Cosmo’s companion!

We are the three creators of this game. Tiny Cosmo is the result of the summer project 2018 at Precisit, where the goal was to build a complete product from scratch. With different backgrounds and interests we created Tiny Cosmo.

After six weeks of intense, fun and challenging work we had a version of the game that exceeded all of our own expectations. All the team members have all been involved in the different part of building this mobile game application. Such as front end design, sound design, database and game development.

The purpose of the project, aside from developing a fun game, hasbeen to build a successful team and learn about the team building process. This project has learned us how to plan, structurize and make our ideas become reality.

Skin collection

This game has a colorful collection of skins where you can find your personal favourite! There are three basic skins to choose between by default - a blue, orange or green Tiny Cosmo.

But, if you feel for a little something extra, the game provides in-app purchases so that you can buy the skin pack of your dreams. Add some glow or sparkle to your game experience by choosing the Glowing skin pack! Perhaps you feel extra special and colourful? Choose the Special skin pack! What about a pack with planetary rings? 'Cause if you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it!

purple glow
blue glow skin
orange glow skin

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